Thursday, 21 August 2014

Summer Hiatus

I'm spending the summer researching in the United States, and am going take the time off from American History Untucked. I can assure you that you'll have a full season of American History Untucked in the fall.

One way you can support the show is by buying the books of the people I've had as guests. Selling academic books is a difficult task: the royalties are low (if they exist at all), the print runs are small, and book stores are hesitant to carry books they think are *too academic*.

Megan Kate Nelson
Ruin Nation

Rachel Hope Cleves
Charity & Slyvia
The Reign of Terror in America

Lil Fenn
Pox Americana
Encounters at the Heart of the World

Chris Cameron
The Many Lives of Chris Cameron
To Plead Our Own Cause

Scott Reynolds Nelson
Steel Drivin' Man
A Nation of Deadbeats
Iron Confederacies

Donald Shaffer
After the Glory

Bringing God to Men

Many of my guests from last season also have websites or blogs worth checking out:

Megan Kate Nelson

Donald Shaffer
Civil War Emancipation

Rebecca Onion
Vault Blog

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