Friday, 28 March 2014

Welcome to American History Untucked

This blog is the companion site for the American History Untucked podcast.

The show is a conversation about and by American history and American historians. It’s not really an interview show – it’s a conversation:  casual, personal, informal, spontaneous. It’s about history, but it’s also about the historian’s background, their experiences, what they’ve learned doing history. It’s about time in the archives, about the writing process, about teaching, doing public history, engaging with all different kinds of audiences. It’s about American historians broadly defined – mostly academic historians, but also archivists, public historians, documentary film makers, and historians outside the ivory tower. It’s about what makes history interesting to us and how we try to share that with our readers, students, and other audiences. 

We're hoping to have our first few episodes up by mid-April 2014. Stay tuned.

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